The Format of the Science Reasoning Test
The Format of the Science Reasoning Test
Like the Reading Test, the two main components of the Science Reasoning Test are the passages and the questions. We’ll briefly explain both below.
The Passages
The Science Reasoning Test has seven science passages:
  • 3 Data Representation passages
  • 3 Research Summaries passages
  • 1 Conflicting Viewpoints passage
These passages appear in no particular order on the Science Reasoning Test. In the “Content” section below, we’ll explain the differences between the three types of passages.
All passages on the Science Reasoning Test will contain data presented in paragraphs, tables, and/or graphs. Each passage will be preceded by a written introduction to, or explanation of, the presented data. There is no standard appearance for the passages, but they all follow the basic principle of providing graphic information in addition to written exposition. The sample passages provided later in this chapter will familiarize you with different possible passage layouts.
The Questions
Each science passage is directly followed by several questions on that passage:
  • Data Representation passages are accompanied by 5 questions
  • Research Summaries passages have 6 questions
  • The Conflicting Viewpoints passage has 7 questions
In the “Content” segment below, you’ll learn about the types of questions asked. Later in the section, you’ll get an in-depth review of how to handle those questions.
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