Instructions for the English Test
Instructions for the English Test
You should learn the instructions for the English Test long before you arrive at the test center. In fact, your first step in preparing for the ACT should be learning the instructions for all four Subject Tests. On the actual test, the Subject Test instructions are time-consuming obstacles, which you can remove by learning them in advance. You can also benefit from them while you study because they contain valuable information about ACT questions and how to answer them.
At the start of each chapter on an individual Subject Test, we’ve given you a complete summary of the Subject Test instructions. Read through each set of instructions several times until you know them all like the back of your hand. The English Test instructions are particularly long, so you’ll save yourself time on the test by learning them now.

Instructions: There are five passages on this subject test. You should read each passage once before answering the questions on it. In order to answer correctly, you may need to read several sentences beyond the question.

      There are two question formats within the passages. In one format, you will find words and phrases that have been underlined and assigned numbers. These numbers will correspond with sets of alternative words/phrases, given in the right-hand column of the test booklet. From the sets of alternatives, choose the answer choice that works best in context, keeping in mind whether it employs standard written English, whether it gets across the idea of the section, and whether it suits the tone and style of the passage. You will usually be offered the option “NO CHANGE,” which you should choose if you think the version found in the passage is best.

      In the second format, you will see boxed numbers referring to sections of the passage or to the passage as a whole. In the right-hand column, you will be asked questions about or given alternatives for the sections marked by the boxes. Choose the answer choice that best answers the question or completes the section.

      After choosing your answer choice, fill in the corresponding bubble on the answer sheet.

These instructions will seem much clearer to you after you’ve seen the sample English Test questions in the following sections.
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