Instructions for the Math Test
Instructions for the Math Test
You should memorize the instructions for the Math Test before you arrive at the test center. These instructions are long, and you should not waste a second even glancing in their direction on test day. So here they are—get to know them:

After solving each problem, pick the correct answer from the five given and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet. Solve as many problems as you can in the time allowed. Do not worry over problems that take too much time; skip them if necessary and return to them if you have time.

Calculator use is permitted on the test. Calculators can be used for any problem on the test, though calculators may be more harm than help for some questions.

Note: unless otherwise stated on the test, you should assume that:

1. Figures accompanying questions are not drawn to scale.

2. Geometric figures exist in a plane.

3. When given in a question, “line” refers to a straight line.

4. When given in a question, “average” refers to the arithmetic mean.

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