Control Your Environment
Control Your Environment
You should do everything in your power to make every practice test you take feel like the real GRE. As the GRE is a computer-based test, your online practice will better prepare you for the real thing. However, the practice test in this book is a very good starting point.
  • Take a timed test. Don’t give yourself any extra time. Be as strict as the proctor who will be administering the test. If you have to go to the bathroom, let the clock keep running. That’s what’ll happen on test day.
  • Take the test in a single sitting. Training yourself to endure roughly four hours of test-taking is part of your preparation.
  • Take the test without distractions. Don’t take the practice test in a room with lots of people walking through it. Go to a library, your bedroom, an empty classroom—anywhere quiet.
Simulating the real GRE experience as closely as possible during your study time will ensure that there will be no surprises to distract you on test day. Understanding what you’re in for will give you the focus and calm you’ll need to reach your target score. Don’t forget to get online and take our free practice test to better simulate the computer-based test-taking experience.
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