Basic Facts
Basic Facts
The Critical Reading section is made up of three timed sections that test your critical reading skills for 70 minutes. Two of the timed sections are 25-minutes long, and one is 20 minutes long.
In all, the Critical Reading sections contain 67 questions.
  • 19 Sentence Completions: Single sentences with one or two blanks.
  • 8 Short Reading questions: Two single passages followed by 2 questions each; one dual passage followed by 4 questions
  • 40 Long Reading questions : A 400–500 word passage with 6 questions; a 500–600 word passage with 9 questions; a 700-–800 word passagewith 12 questions; a dual passage with 13 questions.
The different types of questions break into the three timed sections in the following way:
  • 25-minute Section with 24 Total Questions: 8 Sentence Completions; 2 Short Reading Comp passages (each with 2 questions); Long Reading Comp passage with 12 questions.
  • 25-minute Section with 24 Total Questions: 5 Sentence Completions; the dual Short Reading Comp passage with 4 questions; Long Reading Comp with 6 questions; Long Reading Comp with 9 questions.
  • 20-minute Section with 19 Total Questions: 6 Sentence Completions; Long Reading Dual passage with 13 questions.
On some versions of the test the 800-word Long Reading Comp and the Dual Passage Long Reading Comp switch positions. When this happens, the 800-word LRC has 13 questions, while the Dual has 12.
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