What the Instructions Don’t Say
What the Instructions Don’t Say
The directions for SCs are pretty clear. You need to read a sentence and select the answer choice that best completes the sentence. That means you need to find the answer choice that is the best of all the possible choices, not just an answer choice that can complete the sentence.
The SC directions do include a mention of that subtle, yet crucial, fact, but they leave out three other key facts. Here are the three key facts and why you need to know them:
1 Almost every SC contains all the information you need to define the word that fits in the blank. You can use the context of the sentence to figure out what the missing words mean. You don’t need to look at the answer choices first.
2 Every answer choice makes the sentence grammatically correct. You won’t be able to look at grammar to try to figure out the right answer. Only meaning matters.
3 SCs appear in order of difficulty within a timed section. The first third is easy, the second third moderately difficult, and the last third difficult. If a question is easy or moderate, you can usually trust your first instincts. If you’re on a difficult question, take a second to look out for SAT trickery before moving on.
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