The New SAT Math
The New SAT Math
There are four major changes that make the new SAT Math new. Three of those changes are good news: There are fewer math questions on the test, the entire math section is five minutes shorter, and those pesky Quantitative Comparisons have been eliminated. But the last change probably won’t light a smile on your face: SAT Math now covers some topics in Algebra II. What does this all add up to (pardon the pathetic pun)? The math covered by the new SAT is more difficult. Yeah, it sucks.
But the truth is that the new Math isn’t really all that much harder, and it’ll still be stuff you’ve probably already seen in your high school math classes. Whether you’ve seen it before or not, we’ve got it covered in this book:
  • Numbers and Operations
  • Algebra (I and II)
  • Geometry
  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability
On the test, questions covering these four major math topics are spread across three timed sections and 54 total questions.
  • 25-minute section with 20 questions: all questions are Multiple-Choice.
  • 25-minute section with 18 questions: 8 Multiple-Choice and 10 Grid-Ins.
  • 20-minute section with 16 questions: all questions are Multiple-Choice.
Them’s the facts. There’s nothing else to know about the SAT Math—unless you need directions to Tibet.
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