The Math Reference Area
The Math Reference Area
The math section on the SAT provides a reference area with the basic geometric formulas and information.

See this image in full size.
You might think that the SAT gives you this reference area because it asks lots of questions on these topics. Well, you’re right. But the reference area is also a trap. Imagine a lazy student out there named Mike. Mike says to himself, “Why should I study all those formulas if they’re just sitting there in the reference area?” Then he goes and takes a nap. On the day of the test, he’s sitting there in his seat, sweating under the pressure, flipping maniacally back and forth between the reference area and the test questions, losing time and focus with every flip of the page.
Don’t be like Mike. And don’t just memorize the formulas. Figure out what they mean. The mathematical facts and rules in the reference area are the foundation for almost every geometry question on the test. Know all the formulas in the reference area as if they were tattooed on your body, as if they’re part of you. You’ll save time. You’ll raise your score. You’ll have funky mathematical tattoos.
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