The time you do devote to preparing for Improving Paragraphs questions is certainly not a waste. Think of it as a tough training routine for the rest of the Writing section. By the time you can identify a problem with a series of paragraphs, you will have mastered the skills you need to beat each of the other question types: Identifying Sentence Errors, Improving Sentences, and even the Essay. It might be helpful to think of all four parts of the SAT Writing section as building blocks that teach you the skills you need to beat each successive question type. Even though the questions don’t come in this order, thinking about how they relate can help make your preparation more cohesive and effective. Understanding how the parts fit together will give you a greater mastery of the entire section. To sum up:
  • Identifying Sentence Errors teaches you how to improve sentences.
  • Improving Sentences teaches you how to improve paragraphs.
  • Improving Paragraphs shows you how to write an essay.
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