Effective Strategizing
Knowing about a strategy doesn’t help you if you never use it on the SAT. Many students read a book like this, say “Yes! That’s all true!” then never once apply the techniques on the real or practice test. As you might expect, their scores don’t improve very much, if at all.
To prevent this from happening, look at every item you encounter and first ask yourself “Which strategy would work well on this item?” Sometimes more than one strategy will do the trick.
The items themselves often contain clues within the stem that give you a good idea of what strategy to use:
If you see . . . You probably have a . . .
Equations or inequalities with numbers and variables throughout the stem Buncho
Lots of text describing a real-world situation Storytime Algebra
Lots of text with variables sprinkled throughout Storytime Algebra
Expressions with variables as your answer choices Storytime Algebra
Weird symbols used in an equation Obey the Function!
The expression f(x) Obey the Function!
The word function Obey the Function!
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