The 8 Most Common Mistakes
As you prepare, keep the following common mistakes in mind. Some are mistakes to avoid when taking the actual test. Others are mistakes to avoid during your preparation for the test.
  1. Forgetting one of the essential algebra concepts. Know your terms and concepts cold.
  2. Trying to manipulate an equation in your head instead of writing it down and solving it.
  3. Not picking the answer the item asks for. Often this is not the same thing as finding the critical value needed to solve the item.
  4. Failing to work through the practice sets in this book—reading the book is not enough!
  5. Failing to practice the step methods on every practice test item. You need these methods when the answer isn’t obvious to you.
  6. Refusing to guess after eliminating one answer choice.
  7. Answering every item in order.
  8. Rushing through a set instead of thinking each item through.
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