The Essay
Now What Do I Do?
You’ve learned quite a bit about what the essay looks like, what’s expected of you, how you will be graded, what those scores mean, and how they will be used.
You may be thinking, “Great! I totally get what the readers expect of me and how I’ll be scored. But I need help constructing a persuasive essay. I need advice on how to construct and support an argument; I need to review the basic language skills I’ll be judged on. Don’t just tell me: show me.”
No fear: that’s exactly what we’re going to do for the remainder of this book. Here’s the plan:
  1. We will review some of the essential concepts you’ll need to hone your language skills. We’ll also give you an outline to use for your own essay.
  2. We’ll present the essential strategies and step method you’ll use to create an impressive, coherent, well-organized, and well-supported essay.
  3. We’ll use the essay prompt and assignment you saw at the beginning of the book to work through the entire process together, demonstrating how to deploy all you’ve learned in slow motion.
  4. You’ll be ready to practice on your own, using your newly acquired essay-writing and essay-grading skills.
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