Reading Passages
Tackling the Short RP
Here’s the good news: short RPs are no big deal. Follow this method every time you encounter a short passage:
Step 1: Read the items before you read the passage.
Step 2: Read the italicized introduction.
Step 3: Read the entire passage, word for word.
There are two ways in which tackling short RPs differs from tackling long RPs.
First, you’ll read the items before you read the passage. Short RPs only have two items, so it will be much easier for you to remember what the items are asking. Knowing what to look for in the passage will focus your reading, which will save you time.
Second, feel free to read the entire passage word for word. For example, if an item focuses on the overall content of the short passage, go ahead and read the whole thing. Because these passages are short, you won’t waste much time by reading through the entire thing.
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