Test-Taking Strategies
Establish a Baseline Score
The first thing you need to do is take a full-length diagnostic test in the most testlike conditions possible. Taking a real SAT test before you begin your studying will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses. Log onto SparkNotes’ test prep site at testprep.sparknotes.com to take a free practice test. The score you receive on this test will be your baseline score. This score tells you how well you would score on the SAT without any practice or preparation.
The advantage to using our online test is that you receive instant scoring and feedback. The feedback tells you what sections and item types you need to focus on in preparing for the exam. If you score well on geometry, you know you don’t need to spend too much time preparing for those items. The extra time you save on those items can go toward preparing for a section you’re having more trouble with. If you score poorly on Reading Passages, you can focus your study and preparation on that part of the test.
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