Test-Taking Strategies
What to Do with Your Score
If you matched or exceeded your target score, great. Congratulations!
If you didn’t match it, consider whether you should take the test again. We discussed that decision earlier in this book. It all depends on how schools deal with multiple scores and several other factors. Definitely compare your score with your prospective schools’ score ranges from the previous year’s freshman class. Discuss it with your teachers, parents, and guidance counselor. Don’t just automatically reregister.
If you decide to take the test again, study your score report in detail, item by item. See where you went wrong. Were you running out of time at the end of sections? Did you not bail out often enough? Did you not fly Bombing Runs enough? Were you careless or overconfident?
In other words, don’t fret—diagnose. Then reregister, study up again, concentrating on whatever you need to raise your score and achieve your potential.
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