Test-Taking Strategies
Remember, the key goal for the SAT is to maximize your potential. Resist the temptation to compete with others on this issue. At worst, it will jack up your anxiety level. At best, it might let you blow off steam by competing with others on practice test scores and total hours studied and whatnot, but you’re very likely causing a spike in someone else’s anxiety level, whether they show it or not.
The SAT is merely one of those hurdles in life we all have to jump over. It might be right, it might be wrong—like most things in life, it’s somewhere in between—but the point is that you have this task, right or wrong, in front of you. Adopt a positive attitude to clear your mind of all the understandable worries and concerns you have. Take control. Free your mind up for learning. You will actually learn some useful things as you prepare for this test.
Finally, the SAT is just one part of your entire application package. Preparing efficiently willfree up time you need to maintain or improve your grades, to study for other standardized tests you might take, to continue your extracurricular activities, and to prepare your application essay.
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