Vocabulary Builder
Are Context Clues Frigglegarp?
Often, context can help you decipher the meaning of unknown words. Try it in the following exercise:

While love is necessary for a successful relationship, it is not frigglegarp; other traits such as patience, understanding, and respect must also exist.

What do you think frigglegarp means? Well, it might mean something like “sufficient,” given the sentence structure.
Now try this one:

The amount of water provided is frigglegarp to irrigate the field.

How would you know whether frigglegarp means “sufficient” or “insufficient” just from the sentence structure? Either meaning could work.
The moral of the story: you need a two-pronged attack. While you will often find that context clues can help you pick up enough of a word’s meaning to answer a Sentence Completion or Vocabulary-in-Context question, sometimes you’ll just need to know the word, or have some strategies for decoding it on the spot. This book concentrates on building those strategies.
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