Writing Multiple-Choice Questions
Anatomy of Multiple-Choice Writing
Before plunging into the deep end of the pool, we need to wade through some basics, including the fundamental structure of the SAT question type itself. That’s why we provide you with an X-ray of the multiple-choice writing question. By looking at these questions inside and out, you’ll know more about how The College Board tests your skills and how to approach each and every question you’ll encounter on the SAT.
The new SAT Writing section consists of three types of multiple-choice questions and one essay. This book is concerned with the multiple-choice questions; the essay is treated in a separate book in this series.
The three types of multiple-choice questions are, officially:
  • Identifying Sentence Errors
  • Improving Sentences
  • Improving Paragraphs
Since these official names are kind of clunky, we’ll refer to these question types, respectively, as:
  • Sentence Error ID
  • Sentence Improvement
  • Paragraph Improvement
Let’s take a look at an example of each question type and the terms we’ll use to refer to their various parts.
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