Writing Multiple-Choice Questions
Sentence Improvement
1. Eager to pass his final exams, studying was the student’s top priority.
(A) studying was the student’s top priority.
(B) the student made studying his top priority.
(C) the top priority of the student was studying.
(D) the student’s top priority was studying.
(E) studying was the top priority for the student.
The sentence containing the underlined portion is the stem. The lettered options beneath the stem are the answer choices. Four of these are the incorrect distractors; one is correct. (Again, don’t worry about the answer right now. You’ll get another crack at this item later on.) The item consists of both the stem and answer choices.
Note that choice A reproduces the underlined portion of the stem. This is always the case. Choice A is essentially Sentence Improvement’s “No error” choice. Expect roughly 20 percent of Sentence Improvements to need no improvement.
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