Writing Multiple-Choice Questions
Essential Concepts
Although the Writing section requires you to master some discrete concepts, what follows is not meant to be an exhaustive lesson in grammar. We’ve pared that huge subject down to what actually matters for the new SAT Writing section. As you study these concepts, don’t get too caught up in the formal names. The names are there simply because we have to call these concepts something. Concentrate on the concepts behind the names.
Keep in mind that half your battle will simply be recognizing when something is wrong in a Writing section item. For a Sentence Error ID, that’s the whole battle. If you recognize that something isn’t quite right in a Sentence Improvement or Paragraph Improvement, you’ll be most of the way toward being able to predict and recognize the fix among the answer choices.
Once you’re familiar with these concepts, we’ll practice applying your knowledge to SAT items by following our specific step methods.
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