Writing Multiple-Choice Questions
All Three Item Types
  1. Looking at the answer choices without having some idea of what the correct answer should be.
  2. Spending more than a minute or so on any one item in a set.
  3. Failing to practice sufficiently—reading this book is not enough!
  4. Failing to master the Essential Concepts.
  5. Failing to master the Essential Strategies.
  6. Failing to practice the step methods on every practice test item—you’ll need these methods when the answer isn’t obvious to you.
  7. Refusing to guess when you’ve eliminated one answer choice.
  8. Refusing to fly Bombing Runs—that is, not doing items out of order based on your assessment of which will be easiest.
  9. Having unrealistic expectations about your score goal. (Unless you’re either already scoring fairly high on the Writing section or you have a lot of time before your test, spending time preparing for Paragraph Improvement will dilute your potential score payoff.)
  10. If you’ve prepared for Paragraph Improvement, not doing all sentence-level items before attempting Paragraph Improvement.
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