Writing Multiple-Choice Questions
Other Ways to Prepare
If you are not a reader, become one. Reading top-notch prose and learning by example is one of the most important (and pleasant) ways to become a good writer. Read literary fiction and magazines or newspapers with high-quality writing, such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Scientific American, Harper’s, the Atlantic Monthly, the Nation, and the Economist. Many of these publications are available for free on the Internet.
Avoid reading “markety” language, which is often incorrect. Also, nothing beats learning by doing. In your day-to-day writing, whether in assignments for school or emails to friends, strive to be exact and correct in your grammar, logic, and choice of words. Correct does not mean stilted and boring.
Plan out a schedule of study not only for multiple-choice writing but also for all aspects of your SAT preparation. Having a plan and working day by day is the best antidote for anxiety. Preparing for the SAT does not have to be a nightmare. In fact, a positive attitude about the test will help focus your attention on maximizing your potential.
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