Rules for Basic Laboratory Safety
Rules for Basic Laboratory Safety
  1. Safety goggles must be worn at all times in the laboratory.
  2. No eating or drinking in the laboratory.
  3. Never taste or touch the laboratory chemicals.
  4. Always wash your hands before leaving the laboratory.
  5. Wear proper clothing—safety glasses, closed-toed shoes, and an apron; tie long hair back and remove all jewelry.
  6. Always follow the written directions, and never perform an unauthorized experiment.
  7. Always add acid to water. This prevents the acid from spattering.
  8. Point heating test tubes away from others and yourself, and heat them slowly.
  9. Never return unused chemicals to their original containers. This prevents contamination.
  10. Always use a pipette bulb or a pipetter to transfer when using a pipette. Never use your mouth.
  11. Always use a fume hood when working with toxic substances. Never inhale fumes directly.
  12. Never use an open flame near flammable liquids.
  13. Dispose of chemicals in the designated disposal site—not in the sink or trash can.
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