Format of SAT II Math IC
Format of SAT II Math IC
SAT II Math IC is a one-hour test composed of 50 multiple-choice questions. The instructions for the test are very simple; you should memorize them so you don’t waste time reading them on the day of the test.
For each of the following problems, decide which is the BEST of the choices given. If the exact numerical value is not one of the choices, select the choice that best approximates this value. Then fill in the corresponding oval on the answer sheet.
Have you read the directions? Have you memorized them? Good. Now here’s some specific information about the test’s format:
  • The 50 questions progress in order of difficulty: the easiest questions come first, the moderately difficult questions are in the middle, and the hardest questions are last.
  • You can skip around while taking the test. The ability to skip the occasional question is helpful, as we explain in the next chapter.
  • All questions are worth the same number of points, no matter their difficulty.
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