Math IC Fundamentals
4.1 Order of Operations
4.2 Numbers
4.3 Factors
4.4 Multiples
4.5 Fractions
4.6 Decimals
4.7 Percents
4.8 Exponents
4.9 Roots and Radicals
4.10 Scientific Notation
4.11 Logarithms
4.12 Review Questions
4.13 Explanations
Math IC Fundamentals
Only a few questions (2 to 5 percent) will directly test basic math. But knowledge of basic math is crucial—almost all of the test’s 50 questions assume in-depth understanding of it, and you’ll need to be able to apply these fundamentals even when answering the most sophisticated questions.
You probably know some of the Math IC Fundamentals like the back of your hand, while others may need a refresher. Either way, it can’t hurt to thumb through this chapter. If you know it all, you’ll fly right through it. If there’s something you don’t know, learn it!
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