Review Questions
Review Questions
1. If the length, width, and height of a rectangular solid are all doubled, by what factor is the length of its diagonal multiplied?
(C) 2
(D) 4
(D) 8
2. A cylinder’s radius is equal to its height. If its surface area is 100π, what is its volume?
(A) 25π
(B) 50π
(C) 100π
(D) 125π
(D) 625π
3. Cone A has volume 24. When its radius and height are multiplied by the same factor, the cone’s surface area doubles. What is Cone A’s new volume?
(B) 48
(D) 96
(D) Not enough information to tell
4. A rectangle stands so that its 6 inch side lies flat against the ground. If the rectangle is rotated around the axis of one of its two 4 inch sides, what is the volume of the resulting cylinder?
(A) 24π
(B) 36π
(C) 64π
(D) 96π
(D) 144π
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