The Calculator
The Calculator
Unlike the SAT I, in which a calculator is permitted but not essential to the test, the Math IIC test demands the use of a calculator. In fact, that’s what the “C” in IIC signifies. What’s more, some questions are specifically designed to test your calculator skills.
It is therefore wise to learn certain calculator essentials before taking the SAT II Math IIC. First off, make sure you have the right type of calculator. Virtually every type of calculator is allowed on the test, including the programmable and graphing kinds. Laptops, minicomputers, or any machine that prints, makes noise, or needs to be plugged in are not allowed.
Whatever calculator you use should have all the following functions:
  • Exponential powers
  • Base-10 logarithms
  • Sine, cosine, tangent
Make sure you practice performing these functions well before the day of the test. More about how to use calculators on the test follows in the next chapter.
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