Math IIC Fundamentals
4.1 Order of Operations
4.2 Numbers
4.3 Factors
4.4 Multiples
4.5 Fractions
4.6 Decimals
4.7 Percents
4.8 Exponents
4.9 Roots and Radicals
4.10 Logarithms
4.11 Review Questions
4.12 Explanations
Math IIC Fundamentals
Only a few questions (a mere 2 to 5%) will directly test basic math. But knowledge of basic math is crucial to succeeding on the test, since it is assumed by almost all of the test’s 50 questions. In other words, you need to understand these concepts and be able to apply them to everything from algebra to trigonometry problems.
You probably know some of these topics like the back of your hand, while others demand a refresher. Either way, it can’t hurt to thumb through this chapter. If you know it all, you’ll fly right through it. If there’s something you don’t know, you’ll discover your weakness now, before test day.
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