Review Questions
Review Questions
1. If the length, width, and height of a rectangular solid are all doubled, by what factor is its surface area multiplied?
(C) 4
(D) 6
(E) 8
2. A cylinder is inscribed in a sphere. If the radius of the sphere is 5 and the height of the cylinder is 8, then what is the volume of the cylinder?
(A) 80
(B) 110.82
(C) 187.25
(D) 226.19
(E) 267.30
3. The volume of a cube is three times the volume of a sphere. What is the ratio of a side of the cube to the radius of the sphere?
(E) 3
4. A right triangle with legs 5 and 12 is rotated about the longer leg. What is the surface area of the solid formed?
(A) 36π
(B) 60π
(C) 90π
(D) 112π
(E) 144π
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