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Rules of the Test
Please Note:
The last administration of the SAT II Writing was on 1/22/05. Beginning 3/12/05, parts of the SAT II Writing test will be included in the New SAT. You should be studying the New SAT book. Go there!
Rules of the Test
In addition to the content and format of the test, there are some rules of the SAT II Writing that the directions will not tell you, but which are very important to know.
  • When taking the test, you can skip around between sections. You must write the essay first, but after that, you can do the sections in any order you like. For example, if you find that the Identifying Sentence Error questions are easy for you, you can answer those thirty questions before turning to the Improving Sentences and Improving Paragraphs questions.
  • The questions on the test aren’t organized by difficulty. In other words, a difficult question about word choice might be followed by an easy question about subject-verb agreement.
  • All questions are worth the same number of points. You will not get more points for answering a difficult question, or fewer points for answering an easy question.
These three rules greatly affect how you should approach the test. We will explain how and why in the next chapter, which discusses general strategy for the SAT II Writing, and also in the individual chapters that focus on each of the three different types of multiple-choice questions.
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