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The Directions
Please Note:
The last administration of the SAT II Writing was on 1/22/05. Beginning 3/12/05, parts of the SAT II Writing test will be included in the New SAT. You should be studying the New SAT book. Go there!
The Directions
Below are the official directions for Identifying Sentence Error questions. Remember to read these directions several times before the day of the test. You don’t want to waste time on test day reading directions that never, ever change.
Directions: The following sentences test your knowledge of grammar, usage, diction (choice of words), and idiom.
      Some sentences are correct.
      No sentence contains more than one error.
      You will find that the error, if there is one, is underlined and lettered. Elements of the sentence that are not underlined will not be changed. In choosing answers, follow the requirements of standard written English.
      If there is an error, select the one underlined part that must be changed to make the sentence correct and fill in the corresponding oval on your answer sheet.
      If there is no error, fill in answer oval e.
In addition to describing the questions you will encounter, these directions tell you two very important things. First, when ETS says follow the requirements of standard written English, they mean you must use the rules that govern formal writing, rather than the rules that govern the way we talk. Second, the directions inform you that some of the questions are actually correct. In fact, about 1/5 of the Identifying Sentence Error questions on the test will be grammatically impeccable. In essence, the instructions are telling you that you need the ability to “hear” bad grammar when it comes up.
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