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Practice Tests Are Your Best Friends
Please Note:
The last administration of the SAT II Writing was on 1/22/05. Beginning 3/12/05, parts of the SAT II Writing test will be included in the New SAT. You should be studying the New SAT book. Go there!
Practice Tests Are Your Best Friends
Believe it or not, Sat ii Writing has some redeeming qualities. One of them: reliability. The dear old thing doesn’t change much from year to year. You can always count on a bunch of questions about subject-verb agreement and tense in the Identifying Sentence Error section. You’ll always see run-on sentences, passive voice, and parallelism errors tested in the Improving Sentences section. Revision questions will abound in the Improving Paragraphs section, and come hell or high water, you’ll always have to write an essay in response to a statement.
Obviously, different editions of the SAT II Writing Test aren’t exactly the same; individual questions will never repeat from test to test. But the subjects that those questions test, and the way in which the questions test those subjects, will stay constant.
This constancy can be of great benefit to you as you study for the test. To show how you can use the similarity between different versions of SAT II Writing to your own advantage, we provide a case study.
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