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Flocabulary taps into one of the most ancient and effective learning techniques: using rhymes to memorizes words and lines. Each rap in Flocabulary is really just a string of mnemonic devices set over catchy, popular music. Listen to these raps in conjunction with preparing and studying your vocabulary flashcards. The combination of study methods will help you learn the definitions faster.
(A. Rappaport, Escher)

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Can you feel it D?  I can feel it.
Can you feel it E?  I can feel it.
Flocabulary, can you feel it?
Flocabulary we can feel it.
I’m trying to live vividly, trying to stay intense,
I keep it stoic and serene, ‘cause I’m calm under stress,
What’s next?  The sounds of my breath make rhymes seem sleeker,
A lyricist, an elocutionist, a public speaker,
We going long distance, rocking fortitude and strength,
Don’t know the destination, but I know we go the length,
Dodging obstacles in our path, jumping over hurdles,
Linear and straightforward, never running in circles,
We evade those who chase us, they’re motionless like stasis,
Their semblance, their visages, and their faces,
Betray their trepidation and betray their dismay,
They fear and they worry because they don’t know the way,
We know the way,
We’re trailblazing, doing it first, initiating,
Like bobsledders who are Jamaican,
We’re catalysts for your enlightenment, and your illumination,
the rebirth, the renaissance, we’re generating,
We amplify, aliens can hear our rhymes in the sky,
we alienate those who don’t like the volume too high,
We are a little eccentric, a little outside the norm,
So in a crowd of the same people, you can discern our form,
Make it out, like teenagers in home basements,
Lying next to each other, they are adjacent,
I add beauty to my rhymes so I embellish,
I relish my hot dog when I add relish,
[E & D]
Now everybody act like an oscillating fan,
And wave back and forth with your lighter in your hand,
Now manual could be where you look for instruction,
We flip through magazines for tips on seduction,
But manual comes from the French word for hands,
So every woman and man must clap their mains!
C’mon clap, c’mon y’all clap your mains!  
Can you feel it D?  I can feel it.
Can you feel it E?  I can feel it.
Flocabulary, can you feel it?
Flocabulary we can feel it.
I’m the hero of this song, the protagonist,
Spitting lyrics like graffiti so I’m tagging this,
The apex, the pinnacle, also the zenith,
We’re at the top of the charts, and the world is beneath us,
We’re talking about expanding, but I have no attention
I’m digressing, could you please repeat the question,
I preserve the flavor of the jam in a bottle,
I preserve my wealth cause I never play lotto,
Hip hop is universal, pervading galaxies,
Plus the whole world can listen and relate back to me,
Never neglect the air you’re breathing,
Pay attention to the sun and the season,
cause son there’s a reason,
I’m both concave and convex like crescents,
We’re the state of being quiet, like quiescence,
Full of talents, I’m never tacit ‘cause I hate silence,
I don’t tip off the rope, I stay balanced,
Not back and forth, not forth and back,
If I’m famished, I better find me a snack,
If my throat’s parched, I need something to wet it,
Lubricate my tongue so I can spit full credit,
For all the critics in the house, who offer criticism,
Who judge the beat, the flow and my lyricism,
You can analyze me, examine me critically,
But try to compete with me? That won’t be easy,
If you antagonize me you provoke hostility in me,
Enmity, mutual, deep seated hatred,
It’s the kind of thing that must be abated,
lessened or avoided, what we got to abstain from,
Pop goes the weasel or the tarts in your toaster,
Up and down like vicisssitudes or a roller coaster,
I think we’re supposed to reach a consensus, an agreement
But what I call concrete, you call the cement.
C’mon clap y’all c’mon clap your mains!  
Can you feel it D?  I can feel it.
Can you feel it E?  I can feel it.
Flocabulary, can you feel it?
Flocabulary we can feel it.
(A. Rappaport, H.H. Blake)

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When I was nascent, being formed in my mama’s belly,
It was so cozy I wanted to stay there forever, indefinitely,
It was all obscure, totally caliginous and dark,
I could hear the melodious sound of my mama’s beating heart, then BOOM
I was born shrunken like a prune, a former plum,
Shot out the womb like a gun into the room and soon
Started crying, bawling, vocalizing, weeping,
My behavior belied the fact I wanted to be speaking,
Gave it away, gave my chord to the doctor carving,
I looked more singularand strange than E.T. or Marvin the Martian,
Outlandish, my eyes were resplendent full of many different colors,
Brilliant like mother’s, my genetic blueprint like my brothers,
So we resemble each other,
Like replicas, models, or clones,
My mama took me home, called my grandma on the phone,
To tell her of the melodrama: I’d been born,
Just to tell her the momentous news: I had been born.
I said you could count on me,
But you can’t quantify the qualities of my life
When I was ten I tried to rap in front of my school,
It was a debacle, a failure, I felt like a fool,
I’ll give you testimony, I will tell you the truth
It was a fiasco, a catastrophe, and here is the proof,
I tried to rhyme the word ‘rap’ with ‘wrap’ imagine that,
Those homonyms will give you a sense of where I was at,
I used to be a neophyte, a beginner, I didn’t know how to write,
A novice, so I had to study all night,
I did assiduous work, paid constant attention,
I Studied the rappers diligently, don’t have to mention,
How I venerate the venerable creators of this music,
I honor those who invented it so we could bounce to it,
When I admire them, I love them, I give them adulation,
Can you say you love hip-hop with no hesitation,
No waiting like a waiter at the side of your table,
In the periphery of your sight, angled like right.
I said you could count on me,
But you can’t quantify the qualities of my life
Now I’m writing a novel novel,
“A novel novel I don’t get it,”
A novel that’s new, I wrote this old novel but no one read it,
So I shredded it, it made my readers sleepy like a sedative,
I come from my mother, so I guess I’m her derivative,
I might be beguiling or tricking you, to say that at the age of twenty-two,
A blood clot stopped the blood from flowing through my veins,
I let it coagulate, this plot thickens, just like a stew,
But I survived, emerged robust and hardy like them boys,
I talk in a vociferous voice, make a lot of noise
It was inane, I was born with rapping in these veins but pardon,
I’ve got to nurture and cultivate it like a garden,
I wasn’t engendered yesterday, but I feel like I’m just starting,
I like to ruminate on life, sit back and contemplate it, how I made it,
I traded my soul for this vocal box,
Never studied geology, but, I know what rocks,
This is the sanctified marriage of Test Prep and Hip Hop
I said you could count on me,
But you can’t quantify the qualities of my life
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