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SparkNotes for the SAT: More Focus, Targeted Study, Higher Scores!
Using the literature guide format that made SparkNotes famous, Power Tactics for the SAT mirror the one-on-one tutor experience. Don't trudge through stuff you already know. With Power Tactics, you won't waste your time. We'll tell you what to study!
STEP 1: Take the SAT Diagnostic Test
Our free diagnostic SAT test will pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses and tell you which Power Tactic books to read. Go there now.
STEP 2: Read Only The Power Tactics You Need
Once you know your weaknesses, read and study the Power Tactic from the list below. Free online!
STEP 3: Take a Posttest to See Your Improvement
See what you learned from the Power Tactic by taking the posttest from the list below.
General Skills for the New SAT
Test-Taking Strategies
Vocabulary Builder
The Critical Reading Section
Reading Passages
Sentence Completions
The Math Section
Data Analysis, Statistics & Probablity
Numbers & Operations
The Writing Section
The Essay
Multiple-Choice Questions