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The 4th Annual SparkNotes Yearbook Awards

Biggest Fanboy or Fangirl

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I'm obessed with a band called Falling in Reverse I own every CD and I listen to it everyday and I do covers of their songs on my website. I own lots of Falling in Reverse Merchandise. I tweet them everday and dream of meeting them. With the money if I win I would buy a ticket to go see them and I've been obessed with lead singer Ronnie Radke since he was in the band Escape the Fate.


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*I have loved The Beatles my entire life, they were my lullabies when I was a baby

*My room is filled with memorabilia, from CDs to posters to dolls to postage stamps!

*I am the Administrator, Page Manager, Editor, and Youth Ambassador of The Beatles Universe, a Facebook group/page that has over 28,000 members and 23,000 likes and have been for 5 years now

*I have seen both alive Beatles in concert!

*I have the autographs of all members of The Fab Four, a Beatles impersonation band

*My dream job is to work at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

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