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The 4th Annual SparkNotes Yearbook Awards

Biggest Book Nerd

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I think I deserve to win biggest book nerd, because I know a lot of things about a lot of different books. I have loved to read ever since I was about 4. It’s one of the biggest influences in my life. I even want to be a graphic novelist, writing stories and illustrating them extensively like something to the point of V for Vendetta. From Harry Potter, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Gallagher Girls to books by Thoreau or Poe. I love books. I not only read books, I live through them as well. They are my livelihood.


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It's impossible to describe my nerdiness. At age six, I was told that I must have been born with a book in my hand. My collection resembles Alaska young's life's library. I keep half of them in my attic, awaiting the day when there will be bookshelves for them to sit on. I also have a few prized possessions: my signed copy of the Son of Neptune, signed Looking for Alaska, and first edition Goblet of Fire. They are the first things I'd grab in a zombie apocalypse, and what I plan to be buried with.

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