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The SparkNotes 2013 Yearbook Awards

The votes are in. Congrats!

Best Eyes


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I deserve to win this award because I love photography and I am currently saving my money for a new camera. People tell me that I have great eyes so I thought this would be a great contest to participate in! The only editing done in this picture is where only my eyes have color; so yes, those are truly my eyes.

Best Prom

Michaela Nylundd

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My prom dress this year was unique! It has a special hue that, depending on the light, is either an aqua blue or a mint green. But my dress was not iridescent! There are rhinestones and sequins in the middle of delicate blue poppy flowers! I believe my dress deserves to win because it is a very flattering dress and I absolutely love it!! Vote for me :)

Biggest Geek

Connor Mudd

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I am the biggest geek not only because I own a collection of 14 different Star Wars tee shirts, or have a respectable collection of collectible action figures and memorabilia, but I can successfully answer any geeky question you ask. I have in fact geek end out my bicycle helmet with a rebel alliance starbird. And I truly hope nerdship lasts longer than Firefly, live long and prosper, and I hope I win.

Best Dancer

Adry maldonado

I deserve to win a yearbook award of best dancer because I want to prove to the people and to my self that I can really dance and that I don't need a dance academy to be the best dancer :) thanks


Best Nail Art


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I've been drawn to art ever since I was a little kid. My work was never very polished, but I kept trying. One fateful day, I discovered nail art. "Brilliant!" I thought, resolving to manicure my way to fame.

Unfortunately, I didn't have much ingrown talent. My first time, I tried a simple pattern - and after repeated failure, I was fuming. I kept practicing, though, until I decided to leave the rank and file and try my hand at nail blogging. I wasn't sure I'd make the cut - but by now, I can safely say I've nailed it.

Best Musician


I've played the piano since I was five years old. I've competed in numerous competitions, and I love to play the piano. As a matter of fact, the video I submitted is a clip of one of my competition performances! Additionally, I play the violin at my local youth orchestra and I volunteer playing piano and violin at my church. Music is an important aspect of my life, and I would be honored to be nominated as Sparknotes' Best Musician! If you would like to visit my official Youtube page for more music, go to Thank you Sparknotes!

Best Smile

Sarah Pearce

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I think I deserve this award for many reasons. First, I think my smile tends to make other people smile. Secondly, I love to smile, its better than not smiling. Lastly, to win this award would be so awesome. With summer and college coming up every last bit helps! Thanks for considering!

Best Hair

Tori Anderson

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My friends have made threats to my life if I ever cut off my hair. Random people constantly comment on my hair, asking if it is real. A guy once asked me what brand my extensions were, needless to say he was pretty shocked when I told him it was one hundred percent real. I have been growing it out for over six years and I will never stop! Help me win best hair please!

Best Makeup Artist

Pollie Diane

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I've always had a passion for transformation. To me, makeup is more than just something you put on to get pretty- it is a way to completely turn into someone else and to feel like anything is possible. I can go from demon zombie vampiress into a cute barbie, within hours. it's always fun showing people my work and seeing the look on their faces. It's even more fun to go into public as one person today, another person tomorrow. Unlike many other people who enjoy makeup, I engage in both beauty as well as creature creation makeup. Both have their own unique challenges and I don't prefer one over another. In fact, I prefer to use both to my advantage, to engage in transformation at it's best.