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The SparkNotes 2014 Yearbook Awards

Best Hair


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I deserve to win a Yearbook Award for my chosen category due to the fact that my hair is naturally curly, and blond. I have gotten a lot of recognition for it and people seem to really like my hair.

Most Stylish


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I love to use my photography to showcase my style! Some of my favorite outfits are up-cycled pieces from my mom's and even my grandma's closets, like the oversize sweater in the first picture. I believe that the best tools for creating a unique style are creativity and an adventurous spirit! Never be afraid to try new things!

Biggest Nerd


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I think I should win the Biggest Nerd award because I am truly the biggest nerd. First off, I'm Asian. I'm on math team, debate team, and science olympiad team. I also have ten standardized tests to take this month, 6 APs, two SAT subject tests, the SAT, and the ACT. Please vote for me! I could use funds for the post-traumatic stress disorder treatment that I will need after these tests.

Best Eyes


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I deserve to win a Yearbook Award for Best Eyes because my eyes are pretty cool (if I say so myself). Sometimes they're a grayish-blue color, other times they look like more of a bluish-green. Aside from that, winning the Yearbook Award plus the Visa gift card would definitely help me out with college tuition in fall :)

Best Performance Artist

Anthony Amorim

-I compose, write, play, and sing my own music.

-I have multiple original songs and cover songs on my YouTube channel.

-I'm a huge advocate for depression awareness and feminism.

-My Evolution of Miley Cyrus video took hours to write and record.

-I would use the gift card to buy better equipment for my videos!

Best Celeb Look-a-like


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I have always wanted to enter some sort of look-a-like contest for Taylor Swift because the number of people that tell me I look like her countless! Complete strangers will walk up to me and say, "I know you probably get this all the time, but you look so much like Taylor Swift". Just compare some of the pictures and see for yourself. I would be so honored to win $300 because I’m a high school senior going to college in the fall, and any amount of money to put towards paying for it would be a blessing!

Sparkliest Sparkler

McKenna Kirk

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I deserve to win a Yearbook Award because I study and work hard in school for all my classes and work hard to maintain good grades while still having time for other things like cheer and volleyball, friends, family, sleep, and anything extra. It's definitely hard to balance all this out, but somehow I've been doing okay! I am a big Spark Notes and and Sparklife follower. I am the SparkliestSparkler!:)

Thank you,

McKenna Kirk

Best Fan Art


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In the photo that I have submitted, I spent two, rushed weeks creating a piece to enter into my high school's art competition. I recreated a photograph of Jocelyn Vollmar during her prime when she was a ballerina. I love the performing arts so much, so I decided to use my artistic abilities to further glorify it. In the end, I won the high school competition. However, the only prize was a certificate and recognition. I hope that I can get further recognition of my artistic abilities through Sparknote's Yearbook Awards.



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I've been mesmerized by arts and crafts ever since I was a little girl. There is just something special about a homemade item and the satisfaction you feel after putting your expression and creativity into it. I can make a variety of crafts, including earrings, bracelets/necklaces, pillows, stuffed animals, pencil cases, decorative candles, scrapbooks, and even light bulb terrariums. I also love to oil paint and draw fashion sketches.

Best Cosplay


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I've gained so much from cosplaying emotionally and physically that I just want to express it to everybody. I do have a long way to go with cosplaying but I feel that's also what school is about and what this time in my life is about, growing and finding myself. So it's not always the 'best' that goes that matters, but the one who strives to be better and who appreciates what they have and where they can go and their ambitions. So, as yearbooks capture a moment of your life, a growing moment, this one will capture mine.