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About Me

Ello :3 It flatters me so that you're reading this *flips hair* just LOVE attention. Just kidding, that was gross, I know. Anyways, I'm a freshman in high school, I love being social (and sarcastic and unreasonably sexual) and hanging out with my peeps ^-^ I've been a Christian since I was 2 years old and I hope to spread God's love to everyone that will accept it...yeah. :)

Stuff I like


I'm like, obsessed with Disney. Disney everything o.o I also love church, swimming, reading, dancing, Drama (has the most amazing teacher), hunting, drawing, eating...and...throwing beef jerky at friends. *inside joke*


Tangled <3, Pride and Prejudice, Frozen, The Passion


The Fault In Our Stars<3, Earthbound, Jane Eyre


Alternative(ARCADE FIRE), Metal, Punk, Rap, Pop(LANADELRAY)


I'm currently going to: Paso Robles High School, '14