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About Me

Dev3lop was founded as a means of kickstarting businesses for friends and family. That's where Dev3lop began and a blogger was generated. Dev3lop now has a few independent helpers. was the first Tableau consulting company to build a 100% transparent chatting function into their website! We are agile, enterprise vetted, first come first serve, consulting and we offer huge punches for vendors of all sizes. We have worked with companies with 400k+ employees and helped upgrade their Business Intelligence environment across Prod, Dev, and QA - all in weeks work for Tyler Garrett - who put off a vacation to take the engagement! (What can I say, when you get a chance to be a consultant to Deloitte - and you're the expert at Tableau - well you have to go on vacation next week. A lifetime achievement for any consultant. Are you thinking - angry wife? My response - not even barely - she's super supportive.) GoPro, Deloitte, Kroger, Tableau, PepsiCo, The Nielsen Company, the list goes on and on. Dev3lop, a company proliferated by word of mouth, impacted by government policy changes, and now starting to generate public traction with a new revision of their website! "Thanks for reading. Sure I do Data, and Tableau consulting for many years now. Now I'm interested in the data project around SEO and helping people build a business off of simple website installs, hosting, emails etc - that you can manage from an IPAD. That's my promise to all of my clients. It takes some time. But the important part is it's 100% success across all of my engagements. If you have a business or want a business - I can help. My competitors are still learning SQL. I did that in college and will do the work in front of you, you can count on me to not outsource like 99% of what you will see on first-page ranking! If you don't believe me, I will do a free 30min call with any company and demonstrate to you why/how others are ranking higher than you. Generally my commercial clients - we see 70%-90% spam SEO tactics that resemble a team offshore, pump and dumped websites!" I will help you determine if your technology vendor is fake or not. For free. Most of your competition is fake - so let me help you at least point in the right direction! Tyler Garrett Founder of Dev3lop

Stuff I like


Climbing, running, and digital marketing.





College: University of North Texas, '11
Concentration: Information Systems