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"I read this book. I agree that the plot was predictable and cliché, but the book had two very unique aspects about it that I found made it int..." More

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"I'll jump in here - I've heard many adults consider even a 60-minute distance to be a long distance relationship. Things can be quite differe..." More

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""Used condom" isn't on this list??? Because somehow I was expecting it. o_O That would be the MOST HORRIFYING THING...." More

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I have a splurking problem, but I'm in therapy for it! You should read my blog at Please? =]

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Stunt kites! Also reading, writing (blogging!), journalism, graphic design, cooking, psychology, biking, procrastinating, and wasting time on the internet.


The Princess Bride


Harry Potter


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I'm currently going to: University of Calgary, '14
Concentration: Psychology... maybe.