Emily Dickinson

1884–1886: Called Back

Summary 1884–1886: Called Back

Lavinia went on to edit or co-edit two more volumes of Dickinson's poetry. Later, Dickinson's niece Martha Dickinson Bianchi would publish and edit another volume. Mabel Todd, too, would transcribe and publish a volume. She also brought a lawsuit against Lavinia and Susan over a provision in Austin Dickinson's will; she lost. Angry at the Dickinson family, Mabel took all the poems and letters of Dickinson's she had in her possession and stashed them in a box, allowing no one to see them for thirty years. In 1945, Bolts of Melody, edited by Mabel Todd and her daughter Millicent Todd Bingham, was published. Five years later, Harvard University bought all available Dickinson manuscripts and the publishing rights to her poems. In 1960, Thomas H. Johnson published all of her poems in one volume, without editing for current poetic convention as Lavinia and Mabel Todd had done. The publication of this volume, Complete Poems of Emily Dickinson in 1960, finally completed Emily Dickinson's canon and ensured Dickinson's status as a household name and a poet's poet. Her innovations and her technical daring have made an impact on modern poetry that is difficult to overestimate.

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