Albert Einstein

Graduation and Early Papers

Summary Graduation and Early Papers

In spite of his early publications and his great vision, Einstein had difficulty finding means of supporting himself following his graduation. In early 1901, he sent dozens of postcards to eminent scientists around the continent offering to work as an assistant. Even his father wrote letters on his behalf. Finally, in April 1901, he was offered a temporary teaching position at a technical school in Winterthur, about twenty miles from Zurich. The following year, with the aid of his college friend Conrad Habicht, Einstein found a job as a private tutor to an English boy in the small town of Schaffhausen. Soon thereafter, in 1902, Einstein resigned from this position and set off for the Swiss city of Bern in the hope of securing a job at a patent office run by a friend of Marcel Grossman's father. Unlike his peripatetic years as a teacher, Einstein's stay at Bern was to constitute one of the most intellectually fruitful periods of his scientific career.

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