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10 More Badass Men of Literature

As so many of you pointed out in the comments of my original Badass Men of Literature post, there’s a lot more than ten guys that need to be given props for their bravery and general awesomeness. Now the question is, if each list makes up a team, and those teams must battle to the death, who would emerge victorious? List 2 has a dread pirate, a revolutionary, and a vampire hunter. Just sayin’.

1. Aragorn—Lord of the Rings: You’ve got to be intensely awesome for someone to give up their immortality for you, right?

2. Mercutio—Romeo and Juliet: The life of the party, Mercutio knew his way around a sword and was a great multi-tasker. He could curse people while bleeding out.

3. Dantes—The Count of Monte Cristo: After being unjustly imprisoned for 14 years, Dantes escapes, finds some buried treasure, and uses said treasure to buy an island and officially dub himself Count. Dantes would have totally owned The Amazing Race.

4. Sydney Carton—A Tale of Two Cities: Sydney Carton offers to be beheaded for the woman he loves—a great point to bring up when your boyfriend complains about you forcing him to accompany you to a chick flick.

5. Van Helsing—Dracula: Vampire hunter and scientist, Van Helsing could wax philosophical before fighting the original bloodsucker. Definitely a well-rounded badass.

6. Porthos—The Three Musketeers: All of the musketeers are pretty badass, but Porthos has the most style, hands down.

7. Westley—The Princess Bride: How could I have forgotten Westley the first time around?! He’s a pirate and a true romantic, he laughs in the face of  deadly ginarmous rats, and he executes a daring plan of rescue while recovering from coming back from the dead.

8.  Enjolras—Les Miserables: While Marius is busy whining about the cutie he just can’t get out if his head, Enjorias is getting ready to wage war for class equality. The boy knew how to prioritize.

9. Brian Robeson—Hatchet: Brian was the original Survivor. While some of us would curl into a ball of despair without food or an iPod, Brian learned to hunt and gather two decades before you could have picked up the skills watching reruns of Man vs Wild.

10. Odysseus—The Odyssey: Oydsseus deals with the wrath of the gods and being out at sea for more than a decade, and still manages to get home not just in one piece but in good enough shape to win a serious archery competition. And in the end he gets the girl (partially by killing all his competition. These were different times).

Are there any other badass men that would want to get in on this battle to the death?