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10 Powerhouse (Scrabble) Words

If you’ve ever played Scrabble (and we’re guessing you have), you might have run into The Scrabble Beast—that person who has memorized words from a Scrabble dictionary so he or she can smash everyone else’s scores, even if The Beast has no clue what the words mean. Yeah, we know, it can be super annoying to play with the Beast…which is why we’ve put together this list. Not only will these words come in handy “on the playing field,” they’ll also spice up your everyday vernacular. Don’t thank us now. Thank us when you make the Scrabble Beast’s head explode.


Basic Definition: Another way to spell Chi, meaning the energy of all living things.

How to use it in everyday life: “When you look all self-satisfied and smug about winning tons of Scrabble points for a 2-letter word with a ‘Q,’ your Qi gets ugly.”

Basic Definition: A very special, sometimes sacred, box or container.

How to use it in everyday life: “I like to think of my computer as a pyx, holding the most sacred item of all: knowledge.” (We’re sooooo philosophical.)


Basic Definition: Fermentation. Or something that causes a fermentation sickness.

How to use it in everyday life: “Beans, beans, the musical fruit—a powerful, natural, reliable zyme. The more you zyme, the better you feel, so eat some beans with every meal.”

Basic Definition: To beat or work hard; to tow along.

How to use it in everyday life: “I want to see Percy Jackson and The Olympians on Friday, but I’ve gotta tew my little brother.”

Basic Definition: A funeral procession or ceremony.

How to use it in everyday life: “Please join the exequy this Saturday to say goodbye to my cell phone, which drowned in the toilet.”

Basic Definition: Chemistry, ahhh!

How to use it in everyday life: “I’ll admit it, I can get sentimental. I cried like I’d been hit by xylyl bromide at the end of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

Basic Definition: A leg of meat used in cooking.

How to use it in everyday life: “Yeah, I’ve been hitting the weight room a lot. My biceps look like gigots.”

Basic Definition: A place to park boats.

How to use it in everyday life: “If I were James Bond, I’d want a car that could transform into a boat and my own private quay.”

Basic Definition: To mix together.

How to use it in everyday life: “The cafeteria is an immix-free zone; everyone sticks to their regular tables.”

Basic Definition: Dark, jagged rock made of lava.

How to use it in everyday life: “My prom dress is the snaz. It’s all black and has this awesome, monochromatic patter that looks like aa.”

Have you ever played Scrabble with The Beast? Or are you The Beast? Do you have a favorite uncommon word?

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