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10 Ways To Get Your Head Back Into School and Out of Summer Vacation

Cry your tears. Sigh your sighs. Bemoan and whine to everyone you see that these glorious summer months have finally come to a close. No more staying up to play 8-hour Halo marathons. No more late, late, late night movies. No more playing in the kids playground, just because you can and OMG the swings are so tiny!

Summer has gone and fall is back, and with it comes jackets, sweaters, cooler temperatures, leaves turning, and school. The transition from the sweet sounds of summer to the ringing of the bell can be rough, so here are some tips to help you out:

Choose what TV show you want your school year to imitate. Will it be dramatic and glamourous like Gossip Girl? Funny and weird like Community? Quirky and adorable like New Girl? It’s up to you!

And buy the wardrobe to match. I will admit, it’s hard for me to write an essay when I’m in my slouchy tee and comfy cotton flannel shorts (yes, I have those. Don’t judge me). However, when I put on my spankin’ new fall season mocha courdoroys and pair them with a forest green boyfriend sweater, I feel way more studious and productive. Take that, citations!

Do your summer reading. Trust me, nothing sparks those dusty circuits in the brain like finally delving into A Scarlet Letter or Crime and Punishment. They make you think, and  they won’t all suck (though stay far, far, far away from Moby Dick). Bonus: memorize a few quotes from  each one and use it in discussions and your English teacher will impressed enough to look favorably upon all that you do for the rest of the year. I did this once, and I got As the entire year.

Have one last hurrah with your friends. It’s not over until it’s over. So have that sleepover/pool party/6-hour Monopoly game with your friends and get it out of your system.

Buy a planner or download a planner app. Nothing says school year like getting new, shiny materials that you always think you need then never use. This includes a planner. Will you actually create a fall school-activities schedule? Probably not. Will you feel great about the fact that you could? Naturally.

Watch Dead’s Poet Society. Robin Williams as the rebel awesome teacher + a baby-faced  yet still glorious Robert Sean Leonard + an equally baby-faced emo Ethan Hawke in probably one of the most messed-up schools ever will make you feel infinitely better about your normal school. Plus, it’s so New England and posh that it just makes you want to put on a school uniform, buy a desk set, and in a fit of teenage rebellion throw it off a picturesque campus bridge.

Write an acceptance letter from Hogwarts and send it to a friend. Don’t tell them for a few days that you wrote it, and listen to them talk about how it really does exist before you spoil their wizardly dreams.

Change your desktop to something adorable/inspring/funny. There are pictures that encapsulate all three qualities, and if you look forward to turning on your computer, it won’t be so bad when you have to research who the heck John Locke is NOT using Wikipedia.

Pretend your Sheldon from Big Bang Theory. While this may be obnoxious for everyone else, it will make you feel superior and ready to ace every single class because face it: you’re a genius, you know everything, and you’re prepared to make snarky comments when people don’t understand the simple tenets of string theory.

Get a pair of penny loafers and put an actual penny in them. What says school more than penny loafers? Nothing. They’re more classic than a Texas Instrument calculator, far more stylish, and a way to support a dying form of currency. Though you don’t have to put a penny in them. It could be a dime. A nickel. Heck, go wild and use a silver dollar, if those still exist. It will be one more way to use the spare change that collects in the bottom of your backpack.

Trust me, this list will get you off the beach and into the classroom. Unless you’re a mermaid and the beach is your classroom. Then, we two-leggers bow to your superiority and wonder why in the world Ariel ever wanted to be one of us.

What are you best tips for getting your school face back on? (A school face is like a game face, but less sporty and more ridden with despair).