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14 Star Wars Video Games Every Fan Should Revisit Before The Force Awakens

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is only four months away! If you’re like us, this means you’re starting to count down the days to the film and looking forward to all the amazing Star Wars products that are going to be released between then and now. After all, one of the fun parts of a brand new series of films is all the new items we’ll be able to get our hands on to get our Star Wars fix!

One of the areas we’re most excited about are the new video games that will help immerse us in the world of Star Wars, like the latest installment of Star Wars Battlefront. As we anxiously await these however, it’s the perfect time to look back at the other Star Wars games we’ve enjoyed over the years. Just because we want new games doesn’t mean we’re going to forget about our favorite classics! Some of these are still available for you to play while others might be more difficult to get your hands on, but still deserve a look in order to appreciate what’s come before this new era.

Here are 14 of the top Star Wars video games fans should take a look at—and play if you can — before The Force Awakens is released in December!