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15 New Year’s Resolutions for Book Lovers

I’m terrible at New Year’s resolutions. I have no interest in going to the gym, getting organized, or learning new things. On the whole, I’d rather be re-watching entire TV shows I’ve already seen twice and eating tacos four meals a day.

But I have to make a resolution of some kind. I just have to. Why? Because everyone else is doing it, and I am a sheep. So I figure this year I’ll choose a New Year’s resolution (or two) that’s a little more relevant to my interests—namely books. You’re with me on this? Good. Here are some resolutions strictly for people who love to read:

1. Stop caring about whether or not other people dog-ear the pages.

2. Finish the book you’re already in the middle of reading before you start reading a new one.

3. Finally have an answer to the question “What’s your favorite book?”

4. Stop bringing more books on vacation than you can feasibly read. Your suitcase should be something like 60% clothes, 30% chargers, and 10% books, not 90% books and then just a couple T-shirts and a single pair of jeans you feel like you can get away with wearing every day.

5. Become (at least marginally) less invested in the lives of fictional characters. It’s okay to care, but I once cried on public transportation because a fictional character in the book I was reading broke up with another fictional character, and I feel like that’s probably unhealthy.

6. Don’t let bad movie adaptations ruin your enjoyment of the original source material.

7. Read a book that’s outside the genre you usually read.

8. Don’t get really mad when the movie leaves out tiny details that were integral to the book. (It’s okay to get a little mad.)

9. Stop buying a bunch of books when you already have tons of books languishing unread at home on a long-forgotten shelf.

10. Either calm down when you lend someone a book and don’t immediately get it back, or just accept that you are not the kind of person who is chill enough to lend out books.

11. Let yourself stop reading books that you hate. Sure, give them a fair shot, but life is short, every day is one day closer to death, and there’s no point forcing yourself to finish a book you’re not enjoying.

12. Read a classic for fun and not for school.

13. Don’t act all holier-than-thou just because you read the book before you saw the movie, unless you are in the company of people who also read the book, in which case go for it.

14. Stop letting your eyes trail to the bottom of the page when you see the end of a chapter coming up, thus ruining everything.

15. Read more. I get it, there were a lot of really good TV shows this year, and besides, you were busy. But I used to read like a book a week and now I don’t, and it makes me a little bit sad. Let’s read more. I’ll do it if you do it. Ready? Go.