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17 Alternate Uses For Band-Aids

…Because those things are for more than just ouchies, yanno!
  1. Take a permanent marker, write your name on it. Stick it anywhere you want people to stare. Insta-name tag!
  2. Paint them white. Stick them to the ends of your hair. Shake your head and back and forth yelling, “I’m a fluffy white dog!”
  3. Place one over your mouth, take a selfie, filter in black-and-white, and post on your Facebook wall. Then, photoshop in a caption reading: “What does it all mean?”
  4. Oh, here’s a good one! Place them all over your legs, walk into your house, and tell your mom that you got into a terrible accident. After she’s done worrying, rip ‘em all off and say “Tricked ya!” She’ll LOVE it.
  5. Get glow-in-the-dark ones and put them all over yourself. Run outside when it starts getting dark and keep asking everyone “Can you see me? Does everyone SEE me? Can you guys clarify that you indeed see me?!?!”
  6. Put them all over your face. Go to school. Keep bumping into things and crying, “Owwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!”
  7. Stack them on top of each other and play “Sticky Jenga.”
  8. Cover your eyebrows with them. Take a bunch of selfies and post the best one on Facebook. See how many “Likes” you get. Prolly a lot.
  9. Use it for a mustache in the next school play.
  10. Start telling your friends, “Oooooh, have I got a surprise for you!” And then just hand them a bandage. Happy birthday!
  11. Use them as shower/swimming cap for your old Barbie dolls.
  12. Place them in X’s all over your outfit for a “Don’t cross me” look.
  13. Spell out your name in them on your text book covers. And then spell your name on them everywhere that you possibly can. “REMEMBER! REMEMBER! REMEMBER MAH NAAAME! I’M GONNA LIVE FOREVAAAH”
  14. Put that picture of yourself from that time you broke your arm in a plain black frame. Then decorate it with bandages. What a perfect photo-frame theme combo, are we right?!
  15. Throw them in the air like confetti while listening to Hot Hot Heat’s “Bandages.”
  16. Make your own version of nail strips with them. Ooooh, someone call a doctor because you are first aid fierce!
  17. Don’t have your ears pierced? Stick them to your lobes for a sticky, dangly look. You are a fox now. You’re welcome.

What ideas do you have for extra bandages?