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17 Truly Creepy Quotes from Literature

Some people enjoy being spooked, but me? I only like to be sort of spooked. You know, semi-spooked. Just barely spooked.

I won’t, for example, watch a scary movie, but I WILL read the summary on Wikipedia. I won’t willingly enter a haunted house, but I WILL stand outside holding everyone’s bags and purses. Would I ever stroll around a graveyard at midnight? Explore an abandoned asylum? Investigate a haunted castle? No! Are you even listening? I’d wait in the car, then leave early. Home by 8:45, in bed by 9.2

If you, too, are the sort of person who only likes to be just barely spooked, then here is a slideshow of creepy quotes from horror novels for you to peruse. (It’s preferable to reading the actual book and then sleeping with the lights on for three weeks.)