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18 Reasons School Uniforms Rock

All right, Sparkler, you’ve had your summer of fun and freedom. Now it’s time to go back to school…and back to your tartan skirts and monogrammed sweaters. Sure, sometimes uniforms can feel like they’re stifling your creativity (especially when you see all the adorable back-t0-school clothes in stores every fall), but those saddle shoes and collared shirts definitely have their advantages. Here are some of the reasons we love school uniforms.
  1. You don’t have to think about what to wear in the morning, which gives you approximately 17 more minutes to sleep.
  2. Cute guys look even cuter in button-down shirts and ties. Thank you, school system.
  3. Knee socks are kinda sexy, right? Just ask Britney.
  4. Instead of being judged for your clothes, you can be judged for the things that really matter: your hair, your looks, and your personality.
  5. You can roll out of bed into your dirty, wrinkly clothes and still look just as frumpy as you would otherwise. (That’s a good thing, right?)
  6. Instead of spending money on clothes, you can spend all your money on better things, like books and tickets to Comic Con.
  7. Plaid is fun! And very in right now (we think).
  8. Certain guys can really pull off that sweater-and-tie look.
  9. All the peasants attending inferior, uniform-less schools will know that you are not one of them.
  10. In the future, when you’re looking through old yearbooks with your kids, you’ll never have to think, “OH MY APPLESAUCE, what was I wearing?” Because hey, it wasn’t your fault!
  11. Speaking of, with a uniform, you get more time to put off developing any kind of fashion sense. Hooray, procrastination.
  12. When you finally head off to college, you’ll be amazed by your sudden boundless freedom! (Sweatpants in class? You deviant, you.)
  13. You’re one step closer to attending Hogwarts. Sort of.
  14. Unlike those white jeans your non-uniformed peers are wearing, barf-colored wool skirts are incredibly good at masking spills and stains.
  15. You, like, never have to do your laundry. Ever.
  16. That scratchy, itchy fabric has the added advantage of keeping you awake in class.
  17. Seriously, did we mention the hot guys?
  18. You’re basically already dressed for your future career as a stewardess.

Do you love school uniforms?